Disability : A Taboo

You’re Not You if You are Mute

Written by BillionAbles

No one prepares you to start believing in yourself, you just have to be willing to jump in, take a risk and teach yourself. What we really fail at is our vision of seeing things differently when its actually very simple and clear . First and foremost   why are we ashamed of being exposed and afraid of showing real us to the world knowing that this is not our fault. In fact its nobody’s fault it just that we are born like this and have something unique that world is yet to discover. Why  we have become  puppets and act accordingly to fit into the society? Now its prime time for all of us to  stop act, hiding and  start  thinking of what are we choosing?  Easy to answer, we are choosing the most simplest way that is resisting our identity and declining our true soul  that has been followed ever since this mankind has originated.  Like world is keep on  evolving over  the different period of time, we should also twist our perceptions and give our self a chance to rejuvenate. Everyone one tries to hide their disabilities and fear of showing it to the world but believe me, real hero of life is – who  fall, stumble, but still rise and learn lesson to become more confident and better person. What if you can’t walk, talk, eat, see like any other normal person, what matters is how you make your entire life. Let me give you a brief instance, a person privileged with eyes doesn’t see the world as beautiful as he should. He may keep ignoring beauty of surroundings and busy unnecessarily . But a person with no eyes feels everything and tries to touch every possible single  thing that god has created in this world . What I try to explain is we don’t need everything to make our life easy and obstacle free, it can surely be done if you have  eternal beauty and confidence to fight your fears and overcome all difficulties without anybody’s help. Because its only you who can make it best out of better .

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