Disability : A Taboo

Rising Above Disability

Written by BillionAbles

In India, persons with disabilities are largely invisible due to lack of accessibility or acceptability in public spaces. They can also be deliberately unseen as people avert their eyes. Someone has rightly said that disability does not necessarily mean people with physical challenges but it’s rather people with bad attitude.

A person here may use a wheelchair, but perhaps the more accurate phrasing is that they are confined to one. Due to social stigma, many individuals with disabilities remain in their homes. Independent movement beyond the vehicle is limited due to lack of elevators or ramps in public spaces, or even simple to move from street to sidewalk. The government is taking steps to address these challenges, slowly improving accessibility in infrastructure and transportation. As  three Union Ministers today pitched for organizing Paralympics in India and said more sports facilities and stadiums will be provided to encourage players with disabilities in the country. However, comprehensive changes are required to both enhance inclusivity in education and address the larger phenomenon of social indifference to the struggle of Indians living with disabilities.

To narrow down the gap between disability and comfort ability all has to put some collective efforts to make them realize of what they actually are instead of counting their errors each time.

As clap needs both the hands likewise changing people’s attitude can’t fair them, they also have to rise above their difficulties, gain spirit and make their path in stones, then only this world can see another horizon of sun because life shows you what you want to see.

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