Mobility Made Easy for Persons with Disability!! Thanks to Delhi Public Transport System

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Delhi has significant reliance on its transport infrastructure. The city has developed a highly efficient public transport system for the people with disability even!

The Delhi government has approved free travel for people suffering from any disability, in AC and non-AC DTC buses as well as the cluster scheme. There are chairs in the buses that are meant for the persons with disability and are comfortable.

It is correct that Delhi Metro is one of the most disabled-friendly public transport systems in the country, given that all stations have ramps right from the streets so that wheelchair-bound persons can directly wheel up to the lifts and control panels inside the elevators are positioned at lower levels so that these individuals can access them without having to strain themselves. There are even buttons with inscriptions in Braille for the use of the visually challenged.

Other special arrangements have been made for the visually impaired. Tiles with tactile markings have been provided outside the lifts so that they can follow these to go directly from the ground level to the trains. Inside the trains, special spots have been earmarked for wheelchairs too.

Train door closing audio/visual indication. Next station and arrival with correct side platform announcements.

In addition, station staff constantly monitors passenger movement and provides personal help to any differently-able person who needs assistance.

Sign ages at prominent locations are provided for disabled and mobility restricted passengers.

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